Revelation for Our Time

In this ground-breaking new book by John Davis, the Book of Revelation is examined under the light of esoteric symbolism originating in the ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt.  It tackles the hottest spiritual subjects and reveals the positive message encoded in our ancient texts and monuments.  Prophecy, Numerolgy, Egyptology, the Tarot, and the Great Pyramid and Sphinx are all sources of wisdom for the decoding of the secret language that is revealed in Revelation for Our Time.  Subjects include: the secret destiny of the USA; the inevitable re-empowerment of the feminine; the messianic return, which began July 4, 1776.

  • Revelation was written in an ancient subconscious language.
  • This symbolic Language is positive and in its message, and can be perceived on a subconscious level
  • Principles encoded in Revelations relate to Egyptian symbology, Buddhic philosphy, and the Arthurian legend.
  • 666 is the acceptance of personal, group and natural responsibility.
  • The personal issues of Aquarius face the challenges of Leo.
  • Religions are created equal.
  • No nationality is better than another.
  • The New Jerusalem is the future roundtable of nations.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Davis is director of Coptic International, a modern philosophical organization based on the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt.  John has taken 26 tours to Egypt.  He is author of Messiah and the Second Coming (1981) and Revelation for Our Time (1998).  Another area of John’s expertise is the Science of Numbers.  He has interpreted over 10,000 personality profiles during the last twenty years of investigation into the ancient Kabala and related sciences.  John is president of World Light Travels, one of the first metaphysical organizations introducing worldwide tours to Earth Power Places.  John is also director of the Spiritual Unity of Nations (S.U.N.).  The S.U.N is dedicated to “The World as One Family.”

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