Spiritual Unity of Nations - Soul Symbol Description

The information received for this symbol was that it was of the highest spiritual intent of all people and not to be identified with any religion, race or creed.

Starting with the center cross or red star represents the original blood line or lineage of humankind. It has endured all time and is now coming to full fruition. It serves to remind us that we are now coming home and the original game plan for Mother Earth is over.

The four golden yellow triangles (or pyramids) represent the Christ Energies and God Self. They form a cross and spin in a clockwise direction. These triangles represent the four directions, as well as, the four levels of being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, all coexisting in complete harmony in the Ascended Master state.

The background circle represents that unity of all people and the purple colour denotes the coming full circle through spirituality. On the outside of this circle are a series of propellers which are active and spinning. They form a repeating series of the 13 colored rays.

Each color has a Ray Guardian and all 13 Guardians serve a particular purpose. They represent the following; Red (Razalon) - transforms the cellular part of the physical structure, Orange (Auglia) - transforms the creative part of the physical structure, Yellow (Yachcta) - transforms the power and energy at a physical level, Green (Gossamer)- transforms healing in general, Rose (Alumina) - transforms emotional healing, Translucent Blue (Tartasnla) - is for communication transmutation, Indigo (Montage) - is for mental transformation and for casual plane clearing, Violet (Valurnia) - is for intuition transformation and Akashic Record reading, Silver (Aussylindiscara) - is the female energy associated with facilitating intuition and psychic gifts, Gold (Absalom aDiem Abrianna et Abriella) - is a masculine energy for facilitating movement on all levels, White (Lumina) - is for providing protection, Clear - (Alpha) is for bringing forth truth and clarity, Black (Omega) is for bringing forth testing. These are active and available energies to all who view this symbol.


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The Spiritual Unity of Nations

The SUN believes that all humanity is created spiritually equal. The SUN shall not dictate to any person, church, religion, or philosophy, any dogma or doctrine. The SUN believes that is is each person's responsibility to use wisely the gifts of matter to achieve a perfect balance with spirit.
The SUN strives to help each person learn to express through his or her life on earth the perfection he or she already possesses in spirit. The SUN accepts the differing practices and theologies of all religions and philosophies.  The seeds of truth exist in all religions and philosophies.  Though the paths are many, the ultimate goal is oneness. Through common purpose, we can transcend the limitations which hinder the spiritual unification of humanity.
The SUN recognizes each person's right to express his or her concept of the Creative Force of the Universe The SUN promotes and encourages metaphysical seminars, lectures, conferences, mediation-prayer meetings, study groups and education functions for the purpose of raising spiritual consciousness. The Spiritual Unity of Nations is dedicated to world peace.
The SUN seeks unity, harmony, and love among all persons, peoples, and nations.